About Us

We are a team of experienced finance and accounting professionals dedicated to helping small and medium-size organizations in the nonprofit and government contracting sectors to streamline their  accounting, financial and compliance functions, maximizing ROI, and overcoming challenges related to data quality, internal control, cash management, and compliance.

Our story

We are founded by finance and accounting professionals with decades of experience in the filed working for profit, not for profit organizations in the government contracting industry.

While working in the area, we clearly saw a stark need for improving financial and accounting functions. Organizations devote a considerable amount of resources to the betterment of those functions, but more often than not, the costs outweigh the benefits. Frequently, there are issues with the data quality, internal control, cash management and financial reporting.

Furthermore, re-designed processes are involved and time-consuming that in turn generates considerable burden on the indirect costs. Besides some organizations end up having compliance related issues and are under risk of audit findings.

Our goal is to help small and medium size organizations operating in not-for-profit industry as well as businesses and other organizations operating in government contracting industry in order to streamline their accounting and financial functions and maximize return one every dollar invested in this area.

Our mission

Make high quality accounting & financial services available for small and medium size businesses and organizations.