About Us

We are a team of dedicated finance and accounting professionals with decades of experience in the field of accounting and finance, having served both for profit and not for profit organizations, as well as organizations operating in government contracting industry.

While working in those fields, we saw a pattern emerge that was constant across: we saw a clear need for improved financial and accounting functions.
Organizations devote a considerable number of resources to the betterment of their accounting and financial functions, but more often than not, the costs outweigh the benefits. Frequently, there are issues with data quality, internal control, cash management and financial reporting. Furthermore, re-designing  processes or implementing them from scratch are both money intensive and time consuming and often create burdens on organizations and detract them from their primary goals. Eventually certain organizations end up having compliance related issues and are under the risk of audit findings.

Our goal is to help small and medium sized organizations operating in for profit and  not-for-profit sectors as well as  government contractors  to streamline their accounting and financial functions and maximize the return on every dollar invested.